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Actively Retired - Publication from Spring 3100


Members of the 79 Precinct Club Board who were responsible for the day's event were lauded by their Borough Commander and Precinct C.O. (L-R): A.C. Joseph Cunnenn, C.O., SATCOM, Brooklyn North; POs Christina Crugnale-Allia, Deborah Kwasnicki, retired Ptl. Bacci, POs Joseph Buscemi, Christopher Smyth; Inspector Harrington, C.O. 79 Precinct.



Everyone loves a surprise party. So when members of the 79 Precinct Club were told about a former precinct retiree's approaching 95th birthday, they started planning a surprise party to be held right at the Bedford Styvesant command. Thus it was that on March 19, and accompanied by his daughters, grandchildren, and many other relatives who helped to make the day a festive one, the eighth oldest retiree of the NYPD, Patrolman (Ptl.) Americo G. G. Bracci was greeted by the resounding cheers of over fifty members of the command, and the keening of bag pipes in his honor.

Lovingly called Papa by his family, Ptl. Bracci entered the Department on December 20, 1932 and patrolled Bed-Sty for the next 23 years. Nearly half a century has inspired a lot of change in the NYPD since then, but the light in Ptl. Bracci's eyes still burns brightly, "I will remember this day for the rest of my life. Thank you very much." After a quick glance at his old tin to double check the shield number on the cake, Ptl. Bacci bid the troops to stay safe and said he would be back in five years for his 100th birthday gala.
Bracci's grandson Dirk was stirred by the presentation of several plaques of appreciation denoting Ptl. Bracci as an outstanding, dedicated citizen of the City and one of New York's Finest. "My grandfather is a man of high integrity and peace. I am blessed to have him in my life and will model my own after his."
Still a young man of 47 when he retired from the NYPD on July 15, 1956, Ptl. Bracci embarked on a second career as a taxicab driver. After spending five years navigating the streets of New York as a hacker, he began his third career as a corporate employee for Citibank. Two years later, and still not ready to retire, he began a fourth career at the Fulton Fish Market where he worked for the next fourteen years before officially retiring. However, retirement doesn't keep him from staying active, like preparing his own taxes and even helping friends with theirs.

"I called my grandfather just the other day," Dirk began with a chuckle, "and he was out of breath so I asked him, 'Papa what are you doing?' and he said 'I was just getting in some exercise.' I think I speak for all my family when I say Papa is an inspiration to us all."